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Dink and the Bonca

Dink tries out a new weapon. From the COTPATD project.
Dink gets called to the town known as "Randomness" by his long time friend Luke. Luke tells Dink to stop the menacing bonca before it destroys the town. Little does Dink know, there are way bigger plots afoot than the simple matter of a rogue bonca.

*Best D-Mod of Q3 2009*
Released:June 28th, 2014
File Size:391.54 KB
Release Notes:For some reason I decided to do one last update to DatB

Previous versions (1.03 and 1.04) should have been 1.10 and 1.11 respectively, because of the massive update that happened in 1.03. That is why this is being called v1.12

Update notes:

-Updates to dialogue
-A few more bug fixes
-Fixed another few hardness bugs
-Added detail sprites to the Land of Ice and Snow to make it seem less barren...against original intent
-Lowered Dink's starting defense from 3 to 1 to up difficulty slightly, starting at 3 was too OP
-Added a little "flare" to the reward chests from the first mini-boss
-Applied a slight nerf to most higher level enemies to balance the difficulty curve a little better
-Detail sprites added to the Cliff dungeon
-Detail mushrooms, flowers, and other sprites added to main map
-Updated main map to better define forest borders
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September 6th, 2009
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Male Norway steam
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This is the very first D-mod created by DinkKiller and I must say that I actually looked forward to this D-Mod considering DinkKiller's bad attitude back when he first joined the DN. I must say that I was really amazed with the quality of this D-Mod.

Dink has to meet his friend in a town called Randomness. Dink's friend, Luke, is telling Dink that he has to save the town by killing a Bonca. What happens further in the story is for you to find out. The storyline was pretty good to be honest, but I personally had a hard time comprehending what was going on in the story. This might be because I didn't pay enough attention to what the NPC's we're saying due to my illness, but I had a hard time finding the bosses.

This was a rather straight-forward Dink Smallwood D-Mod. You can punch your enemies and eventually cut them down with the three types of swords that you can get in this game. You will also learn some magic as you play the game. I noticed that the graphics used to pick up the Ice Sword had a non-transparent background which sort of looked weird when you went to pick it up. There was also a bug at first when I used the sword; when I tried to use the sword when I still was in the Land of Ice and Snow it displayed Dink's hitting animation instead, but that changed back to normal when I went on playing. I found the bosses in this game to be extremely hard, especially the dragons and the final boss. I had to open up the console and cheat my way through because I couldn't handle them. Even with the Ice Sword I only dealt about 3-4 hit-points in each hit. Lower the defense for these bosses so it's possible to finish the game.

The mapping was pretty good. The Dink Killer have really put time into his map with detailed stuff and the map was pretty large as well. It made it easy to level up because there were monsters all over the map, mainly Bonca's and Pillbug's. The only bad thing I found with the map was the forest tiles he used as borer on his map. I don't know how to explain it, but he should have used more of them, so it was easier to see that there are woods there. I noticed this when I tried to find Matridge's cabin.

Sound & Misc:
I found the music in this game to be fitting at some points and sometimes not. I didn't the like the music you started the game with, it indicated that a fight will probably start as soon as you jump to the next screen. A more fitting MIDI would be a slow and a good tune to introduce the player to your new adventure. I don't know why, but my super-computer lag's whenever I enter a new screen with a new MIDI file attached to it and that is also something I didn't like about this D-Mod, was that you used too many different MIDI's on small portions of your map, which means a new MIDI file started playing whenever I entered a new screen. Of course, a good D-Mod needs a good list of MIDI's, but I would appreciate it if this D-Mod tried to keep one MIDI file per area. There weren't a lot of bugs in this game, but there was some graphics error with the ice sword and some animation problems with it. You could also walk behind some doors in the game. Those we're the bugs I found while playing as a normal player, none of these bugs reduced the gameplay quality of the game, but I believe they should be fixed.

This is really a D-Mod that you have to play, I enjoyed it quite a lot and I believe you will as well!

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