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Tullisti's First Graphics Pack

A graphics pack with blender models, and .bmp format.
Released:December 28th, 2002
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Release Notes:1.0
January 2nd, 2003
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Female
Purpose: Graphics for use in any D-mod. This pack consists of graphics of a well, a guardhouse, a fence, two different kind of walls, and two different kind of tables. There are also files for use in a blender programme for the above mentioned, but also for a chimney, and warrior gates. I tried those blender files, but since I could not get those to work (due to my inexperience I presume, not to any bad files) this review is only about the graphics files for use in a D-mod, and not about the model and texture files for the blender programme. I have tried the graphics files both in the editor and in a D-mod.

Installation: You would have to modify the dink.ini file or rename all the graphics and copy them into folders you put under the graphics folder.

Fences: The fences look nice, but I find the legs a bit too long. The fence is also too big. In the original size the fence is about twice Dink’s height, so you would have to resize them to at least 70% although 60% would be even better. And resizing them in the editor is unhandy, so you would have to edit them yourself, but that is something the author should have taken care of.

Guardhouse: These look real good. The author states those should be resized, but I do not think so. Since they are guardhouses and guardhouses should have some height, I think the size is just right.

Stwall: The walls looks splendid. They blend nicely when put together and they are the right size.

Stwall2: These walls look extremely good! They are smaller then the other walls.

Well: These look very, very good. They come in different sizes: some may seem a bit to small. On one there are some white dots, but these do not show when used on grass.

Table-indoor: These look very nice and are the right size. There are two doubles - and even three tables that are exactly the same.

Table: I am not that charmed of these ones, but they indeed could do well as outdoor tables. They have the right size, but there are four doubles of these tables.

Good: A very nice graphics pack: some very good new walls, outstanding guardhouses, good looking wells, nice looking tables and some graphics I found less interesting, such as the outdoor tables and the fences.

Not so good: Some are too big or perhaps too small. Depth doth needs to be set.

Overall: Graphics varying from outstanding to not bad, depending on your taste.

Remark: If I had to rate only the graphics, I would surely give them a 9, since this pack certainly deserves that. But since some need to be adjusted because of the size, the score is a bit lower.

Fit for: If you want some new graphics, these will do very well.