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2002-08-02 04:04:06

ok, as part of my colledge course, have to do a 5 week module, using excel and word. its one of those stupid things that i just have to do. i mean, i use MySQL, not access right?? C and python, not QBasic or pascal. anyway, i thought i may aswell get it out of the way, and decided to do all the work in teh first two weeks. so ive been staying down there some pretty late nights recently. anyway, I have some statistice:

in the 62 hours i was using either word or excel:

word crashed 20 times,

excel crashed 33 times.

yes, i really did count the times they crashed, and the total hours i spend using them. This was done on more than one machine, and across OS's aswell.

Now, IM not so HO, microsoft products are generally of poor quality, and microsoft office 2000 (thats what we were using BTW) is a heap of crap. which raises an interesting point:

It may be crap, and it may be the worst product ever, but all it needs to do is be the "standard", and millions of people all around the world will struggle with it untill the next version comes out. sucks eh?

So, with that in mind, i decided to download and install Open Office on all the computers down there (they trust me with the admin passwords, see? ). Open office is an open source alternative. has 99% of the features of office 2000, and is free. my only slight irritations are that it loads slower than office, and that it doesn't look quite as good. other than that, check t out!!:

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