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2002-07-27 05:47:40

ok, i just got back from a little symposium a friend of mine was having, and there we watched the election night results. to cut a long story short, labour won, ehich, i guess is a good thing, esp. as the other party are comprised of facist pigs or green liberals...

anyway, NZ uses a rather wierd parliment system called "MMP", or mixed members of Parliment, which makes it all rather complicated (not as bad as the USA one tho).

also, during the night, i was shown the photo i was going to post to teh dink squak photo album thingy, but after seeing it...i think maybe not. it was taken at my party after a couple of shots... (as in, lemon and salt, NOT syringes), so yeah, i look pretty brainless, which maybe i am...i certainly was then, but then again, its all fun, eh??

anyways, after our recent prohibition thread, i didn't touch a drop, and drove allt eh way home feeling great!! (i have fellow counting crows fans in this crowd, and we played hard candy all night long, followed by ryan adams, and the BFF) so yeah, the party rocked, the night was great, and guess what guys, it is entirely possable to have a good night out without alcohol or drugs, so long as you have good friends....and a girlfriend helps

so really tired now, but feeling..refreshed after this night out, so ill re-double my eforts with dink. promise.

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