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Alternative Heroes

Glenn - an example of an alternative hero.
SabreTrout says, "This file includes the original documents (revised with additions) on Alternative heroes, it also has another new document, which goes into new items and spells for Alt heroes. It also has an example hero (Glenn the Green Knight/Forest Protector)."
Released:August 28th, 2002
File Size:250.77 KB
Release Notes:v2.0
June 19th, 2002
Score : 2.0 horrible
Although I told the author that I wouldn't give this file my review, I felt like I should take some heat off the other reviewer since he is not the only one who thought this file is useless.

The file includes 3 parts: Main alt-heroes, quests, and some start-1.c. Both alt-heroes and quests come in with 2 types, MSWord and html, although I don't know why it's necessary. The altheroes file is the main file. It suggested that you can use other characters, such as goblin, wizard and knight, to be your main characters. Then the author revealed a few of his ideas for creating a dmod. Basically, that's it. The 4 start-1.c scripts are example for you to use as the start-1.c if you want to use other characters as your main characters.

Some of the ideas are fine, some of them are not original, or just plain bad. That's OK since everybody can have his own opinion, but the key problem about this file is IDEA! To me, this can be a very good topics for the Discussion or chat room section, but it is just horrible to be a released file. Despite the author said it won't be necessary to be mentioned if his ideas are used in a dmod released later on, it is unfair because other people might think otherwise, especially when the ideas were NOT copied/inspired by this file!

The 4 start-1.c scripts are almost identical except for the following 4 lines: //THIS WILL MAKE THE HERO A DUCK! sp_base_walk(1, 20); sp_base_idle(1, 20); sp_base_attack(1, 20);
But, for instance, you cannot use the same graphics for walk and attack unless you have both 1,3,7,9 and 2,4,6,8. And maybe it's better to use sp_base_idle(1, 0); instead of the same sequence as walk. Also, a push_active(0); should be included unless you create a new push graphics sequence.

I believed many Dinkers must play POTA, where Dink can change his form into a slime, a bonca, a goblin, and a stone giant. You can get the feelings about an alternative hero as well as know all you need to know from POTA's script source codes.

As the author claimed, this is not a tutorial file since it did not really tell you how to make a dmod with alternative heroes. The only thing left about this file is the idea, and to me, ideas shouldn't be released as a file.

Not because I am cruel, I can only give some points for the typing effort.