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Kbot man says, "You're a ghost. So simple. So boring."
Released:December 2nd, 2001
File Size:88.84 KB
Release Notes:Beta 1
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September 22nd, 2002
Beta 1
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant Female
I totally agree with DethLord: this must be the worst D-mod ever. If there was a Razzie Award for D-mods, this one would not even stand a change of receiving the award since it is terrible; it does not even live up to the standards for a Razzie.

Storyline: None. You start in a village and you can wander around aimlessly. That is the only thing to do in this D-mod. You see quite a mess; dead people, and burning houses and so on. You do not have a clue why you are there or what you are supposed to be doing. There is no interaction, no conversation; there are not even any scripts in the story directory.

Map and graphics: I walked several screens and then decided to use the editor. Because I could not believe my eyes when seeing the map, I started counting: there are 145 screens with nothing on them, except for a shoreline or a road. Of those 145 empty screens there are 102 that only have plain grass. There are 40 screens with sprites, but none of them have hardness. Perhaps that is because, as the author states, that since you are a ghost, you can walk through everything…

Music: The music was some classical midi. Hearing that kind of music while you are walking through some devastated country reminded me of Apocalypse Now in which Robert Duval says: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

The only not so terribly bad thing about this D-mod: The combination of classical music and some destroyed country adds a certain… strange touch.

Not so good: Everything else.

Overall: The worst D-mod ever.

Fit for: No one.