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Castle Killers

The castle has been stolen somehow! From the COTPATD project.
The king has lost his castle! Help him find it!
Released:July 20th, 2004
File Size:206.88 KB
Release Notes:v1.1
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July 12th, 2004
Score : 5.5 fair
Not a bad d-mod.
The first time I played it I went down a well without talking to the king and finished the game that way. I started again and talked to the king BEFORE going down the well. I prefered the second way because you get more goodies. I thought the end boss was pretty amusing.
There were these real tough pillbugs that gave you 50 exp and then in a locked screen there was a larger pillbug (boss i think) that I killed with one hit and gave me 150 experience. I wish you'd put more of them in!
Also, How do you get on to that hill in the ice world?

*The underground house
*The midis(when there were some)
*Simple plot but good game
*Some map tiles were good
*Lots of potions (Not a great deal of fighting was needed

*In some places there were'nt any midi's
*Plot was a bit unclear
*Doesn't take long to finish
*Other map tiles were quite bare
*No magic or weapons

Overall not a bad little romp. I recommend this for anyone that wants an enjoyable d-mod to fill in a bit of time.
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