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Town Over (A)

The curse of a town over. From the COTPATD project.
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Released:February 27th, 2001
File Size:198.47 KB
Release Notes:Intro
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June 25th, 2002
Score : 1.3 horrible
What a short DMOD. Well, only strenghts are:
1. Nice intro...(well, intro is almoust everything in this DMOD)
2. almoust no bugs (But in this DMOD are only 2 screens)
3. Nice blowing up.

well, you are teleported somewhere with 10 000 coins and 65 attack... anyway, dink says something about bringing sword and stupid teleporting, then when you g up, you see how one knight blows up a fairy. then you call him fool and he takes all money and levels from you. Then dink says something like that: "NOTE TO SELF never call fool that, who just blowed up a fairy." And end.
well, its better then ehasl's adolph blaine charles dink. Anton Forlov should do like ehasl- write rewiew about his own DMOD, and give to it, let's say, 6.5 points.
There was some work, so i give 1.3. Its better then my baywatch demo...(I spend 11 min. to make baywatch)