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What I can say? A big fan of Dink Smallwood.I like RPG, RTS and other games.I think Dink SmallWood is one of the best RPG game.

Well, Ive got to do a lot of work, but I have time for Dink.

Note: I dont know much about Dink SmallWood, im learning.

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2002-07-26 01:00:20
: : : Is this a joke? Seriously, is there anything to do? The only thing I found is a sign saying there is no treasure. If there is more to do I don't want to know what it is, I just don't want to waste time searching if there is nothing at all to find. BTW, thanks for the help PureEvil.

: : Seriously? Grr...let's all smack Vilius a good one.

: : This reminds me of a time back in the day, shortly after Dink became freeware...a guy named Lurvas released a D-Mod that brought you to a title screen, said "Bye" and kicked you out. That may not be a 100% accurate description, but it's close enough.

: Take this Vilius, SMACK!!!

Oh you littlw b***h! So joshriot sucked your brain??? Now he wants mine, and you help him, because he sucked your brain?!

Also, the treasure is, you just didnt found it.

Vilius has released 2 files

Baywatch IsleD-Mod, RompHorrible 1.1March 26th, 2006
Search for the Treasure (The)D-Mod, RompHorrible 2.0August 18th, 2002

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