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Gnug's Attack

The Gungs are coming we stopped them once but can we stop them again.... (A bit of dink chat history from late 99')
Released:December 24th, 1999
File Size:208.73 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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October 8th, 2002
Score : 4.2 tolerable
Peasant Female
Storyline: Gungs (or Gnugs) are after the Chat and Dink has to stop them.

Map and graphics: Four screens total. The Gung (or Gnug) graphics are new and look rather funny.

Music: None.

Good: The idea: evil creatures who take over the chat. The readme.txt (the ‘Gung and what they are.txt’) is actually quit good. It reads like a good story, and even has an interview. Now, if this was taken in the D-mod, I believe it would have been a good game. In this .txt file the history of the Gungs/Gnugs, different kind of Gungs/Gnugs, and even friends and enemies of the Gungs/Gnugs are explained and you can tell that this is well thought of and that it took some time to write it.

Not so good: This is not a D-mod, but an intro movie of four screens. There is only the intro movie, no D-mod to play. The readme.txt, or, in this case ‘Gung and what they are.txt’ is better then the D-mod. In the dmod.diz and in the title of the .txt file it says Gungs and Gung, but in the .txt file it self it is Gnugs.

Overall: Could have been a good D-mod.

Fit for: I would not recommend downloading this one for the game. The Gung and what they are.txt is good though.