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Revenge of the Ducks 2

The bonca thought it had a nice hat fuzzy hat.  The duck thought it had a nice mobile toilet.
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Released:February 25th, 2001
File Size:400.00 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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September 22nd, 2002
Score : 8.8 good
Peasant Female
This is the sequel to Revenge of the Ducks I.

Ronan is back again, but now he is a warrior duck. He is not alone though. When travelling through Xanatos years ago, he stumbled upon a hunter who just shot a bonca.
Ronan scares away the hunter and tries to rescue the bonca, but to no avail. The bonca turns out to be a mother. She has a baby son and she asks Ronan to take care of him. Ronan raises the little bonca Billy, and when Billy is a full-grown bonca, Ronan rides on his back. This is real funny; not only do they interact almost constantly, but they also fight together. Billy uses his tail and Ronan the fireball spell.

Map and graphics: No new graphics, but the window in the prison. And of course the combination of Ronan and Billy.

Music: Fair.

Good: The idea of a duck riding on a bonca. The humour in it, which stems mostly of the conversation between Ronan and Billy. Ronan moves on Billy’s back like a horseman. The title screen with a moving duck on it.

Not so good: Some hardness errors on the bridge. The bug Kyle mentioned. There is not really an ending; you are just about to travel further, and then the D-mod is over. Although both Ronan and Billy can fight, you do not need to fight to end this D-mod. There are some pillbugs you can fight, and fighting with a bonca is a nice change, but there is no reason to fight nor for levelling up, since there is no end boss. I thought there were no savebots, until I discovered that you can save by pressing escape - some hint would have been helpful.

Overall: A much better D-mod then the first adventure of Ronan.

Fit for: Anyone who wants to ride a bonca and have some fun!