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This is my page at the Dink Network where you can grab my DMODS to play. You need to have the game Dink Smallwood to be able to play them.

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2002-08-16 09:54:59
: : Ah, but a ranch is diferent. A ranch raises livestock, and a farm grows crops. Since I don't want to do a hereford (cow) sequence, pigs will replace  cows. There will be different acts to accomplish in the DMOD. You have too fix fences (baraed wire gives touch damage), sell pigs at the market (the bigger the pig, the more money you get), buy farm tools (3 types of grain, a sythe, plyers...), new types of spells ( one makes grass grow), and your goal is to make 4,000 gold.

Ahh good...than we will have completely different DMODS. Mine will be about the epic quest of a farmer who's farm is under attack by a bonca.

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DOEMD-Mod, RompFair 6.6July 22nd, 2002
D-Mod Check ListDevelopment, TutorialFair 5.9June 30th, 2002
Revenge of the Ducks 3: Enter the SmallwoodD-Mod, RompGood 8.3September 21st, 2001
Revenge of the Ducks 2D-Mod, RompGood 8.3February 25th, 2001
Revenge of the DucksD-Mod, RompFair 5.9December 29th, 2000
Dink X TriviaD-Mod, Miscellaneous, RompFair 6.9August 13th, 2000
9 Gems of Life 2D-Mod, RompFair 6.8July 29th, 2000
9 Gems of Life (The)D-Mod, QuestGood 7.7February 15th, 2000
Dink LettermanD-Mod, MiscellaneousTolerable 3.1January 13th, 2000

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I Dont Agree with Dethlords Review of This Dmod Fairy Goodness OnlineNormalExceptional 9.9January 17th, 2002
Think Mortal Kombat in Dink Form Dink Arena - GUINormalGood 7.5December 9th, 2001