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Kill the Hippies

Apparently these are hippies. From the COTPATD project.
joshriot says, "dink gets teleported to another world where he must fight satanic hippies from hell!"
Released:April 6th, 2002
File Size:2.26 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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November 7th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: The title covers it: kill the hippies and you have won the game.

Map and graphics: The map is small, but done nicely. The hippies are new, and they look funny, and resemble a hippie, though they are not human. The background is new too, as is the title screen; both look very good, and also very sixties.

Music: Suits the situation.

Good: Although there is not much of a story, the end is quite funny. There are some knights lying in ambush, some deadly mushrooms, and some shrubs in pots. Everything is real hippie like, which is good.

Not so good: There are no savebots. There should at least be one in the beginning. When using the TNT, before the end scene, you can not throw it, so it will explode while Dink holds it.

Overall: A funny little D-mod.

Fit for: Anyone who wants to play a fun little D-mod.