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Easy DinkC

A DinkC editor with many automated tools to make coding DinkC easier.

Note: the 'patch' is actually the Visual Basic Runtime files that are required to run Easy DinkC. Just try downloading the actual program first... if it doesn't work, try installing the runtime files.

*Best download of february 2001*
Released:October 5th, 2001
File Size:809.94 KB
Release Notes:v1.4
January 24th, 2010
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male Sweden steam
Easy DinkC is an easy-to-use script editor specialy designed for DinkC.
I use this program daily and this is why:

Easy DinkC has many useful features which make dmoding simple. A new dmod is just a click away... Click on the bottom... name the folder... and there's your dmod! Same thing with dmod.diz files and readme files.
When you have started or loaded a dmod you can see all your scripts to the right with some information like the comment for each script and the size of each one. This programs also auto TABS inside If-commands and inside voids, you can also colour the text to make it easy to read.

One of the best things with Easy DinkC is the menu at the bottom where you can choose different commands. This is very useful to new dmod developers as it takes some time to learn all useful commands by yourself.

It actually even have some tools for making dialogues and shops, I've never used them myself though so I can't tell you if they are good or not.

The list of features and functions of this file is endless (well, maybe not endless, but it sure is long) so I can't write everything here. But no file is flawless (cept' "Chickens!") and this program do have some bad things.

The Error check for example is not very good. I think it only look for missing {, } and ;. Quite simple, but still useful? Well it could be, but it isn't updated for the newest dink-version. Let me show you what this can result in.

[code]void main(void)
If(&something == 4)
say("something is &something", 1)
//The error check will see the missing ; here which is good.
//But it will also see this as a mistake
//As it isn't updated with the newest dink version
//where else where introduced
//so it will always stop error-checking at else
//and never error check whats after.
say("It wont see the missing ; at the end of this line", 1)

There are more flaws. you can only have a number of projects in the "current projects" thing, this isn't a big problem though as you can remove some and then add new, but it's annoying. As shown in the part about the error check this isn't updated with the newest dink version and therefore miss some of the new commands.

This program is easy to use and very useful if you forget commands as you can select them from a list and they are added to the script. The program isn't updated with the current version of dink and some commands that was introduced in this version isn't included.

A must-have for both new and old dmod-developers!
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