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A profile... why not.

Some things I enjoy doing: reading, mountain biking, hiking in the mountains, anything with computers, er, most things really. I love to ski, and just wish I could go on a slope longer than 180 metres.
Partly inspired by enjoying DinkC coding, I went to college to learn a bit of Software Development and am now working with a local developer, using VB.NET.

I have many things I should be doing so writing a profile seemed a good way of putting them off.

I live in northwest England (south originally) and, um, that's about it.

I'm making a D-Mod and have some ambitious ideas for future ones but don't expect anything soon!

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2009-07-27 07:31:10
Not much time recently... Ok I'll just copy those scripts exactly and put in comments about changes, not saying it'll work afterwards but at least (hopefully) you'll know the problems! Call it constructive criticism

//blah blah blah

&update_status = 1;

//You've just killed the script!  Nothing after this line will run.
//Get rid of kill_this_task()
//In fact, spawning a new script may be better than running the next bit in start.c

//Need semi-colon: script_attach(1000);

//Why did you change my example loop so much?
//If there's a reason, I need to know it in order to know what to suggest here   
&time = get_time_real();
//need == not just = in an 'if'.  And see above comment!
if (&time = 480)
&don = 2;
if (&time = 1200)
&don = 1;
//This skip: isn't being used, harmless but pointless to leave it here.
goto loop;

void main(void)
if (&don == 1)
//Must have a script_attach(1000); before the load_screen() somewhere,
//otherwise the script will die when the screen changes!
&don = 2;

//This won't work AFAIK. Better and simpler to do it this way:
//&player_map += 9;
&player_map = &player_map + 9;

//draw_status not needed unless they are actually changing.

Doing it this way, 2 things will happen that might not be what you wanted. This is because you changed my loop thingy, so maybe you did want this? Not sure...
1, it will only change from day to night (or other way) at exactly 8 o'clock. So if you start playing the game at 9pm it could look like day for example.
2, it will also only change day/night when you move to a different screen.

And my mistake, wait(10000) is actually 10 seconds Use wait(60000).

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