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June 3rd, 2007
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Maybe I just have a strange sense of humour but I found this hilarious!

Great fun to play, it is very weird and makes your head spin at times (talk to Howard ) but it never seems stupid because it is so obviously meant to be that way. There are a lot of very long dialogues but I never found them boring because they are funny and in a way are the whole point of the D-Mod; it wouldnít be much without them.

The gameplay is fairly simple and the story very much so: find some water. It has a lot of ďgo here go there do this do thatĒ etc. but thatís part of the fun, visiting the same person 5 times
What fighting there is I found easy.

The music isnít anything amazing, most of the MIDIs are very short but seeing as every other screen seems to have itís own music this doesnít always matter.

I never found out what the rocks with letters said, nor did I get through the Crazy Portal, but then I was warned!

One part I didnít like so much was the ending, it was good, it just seemed to fall a bit flat for some reason.

Overall, with all itís faults, I really think this gets a 9 (at least!), I enjoyed it so much.