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Dink finds something potentially useful. From the COTPATD project.
Dink buys a new house from Githra. Then he gets locked in his own house. You must get out of this house until you die!
Released:September 1st, 2007
File Size:185.99 KB
Release Notes:- Correction in credits.
- You loose about 5 lives instead of 10.
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November 23rd, 2008
Score : 5.9 fair
This is a very short D-Mod but pretty good, I thought.

The story is that Dink is trapped inside his new house and has to escape before he dies of hunger. After the intro you need to search the house for items to help you - there is a table full of axes but theyíre blunt! You have to find a way to sharpen one.

Bad things: when you go to pick up some of the things Dink doesnít say anything, so youíre not sure if youíve done them at all or in the right order. Iím not even sure if there is a right order, so what youíre doing could be a little confusing. Also your health keeps going down after you break out, so itís possible to die during the ending cut scene which is a bit silly. Though Dink hasnít eaten yet, so maybe it makes sense...

Overall, itís fun to play if you have 5 minutes spare, and fairly well done. The English is fine seeing as it isnít the authorís first language.