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10 Sword Icons

The swords
Here's a pack containing 10 new sword icons for your dmod. Enjoy.
Released:January 2nd, 2010
File Size:19.70 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
January 6th, 2010
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Australia
The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
Let's begin this review with an imaginary scenario, as I love to do...

So, you've been working on some new sword scripts for that D-Mod I know you're planning to release soon, right? But the thing is, you haven't been able to find a suitable inventory item graphic anywhere. So your sitting at home, staring at the blank white walls with no future ahead of you or hope in life because you've got no graphics. So what do you decide to do? Well, you get up and grab a banana, of course. But after that, an idea sparks! You decide to go out and buy Adobe Photoshop and make your own inventory graphics! But... hang on.... You just realise you don't have the cash on you. So now your back to sitting at home, staring at your walls with no purpose to your life. But then you have another novel idea! You decide to download the GIMP! But... Oh no! Hang on! That 56k modem is preventing you from downloading anything greater in size than half a megabyte! So for the third time today, you're staring at your walls, feeling ultimately depressed because you can't find or make a stupid little graphic.

So your final option: rely on someone else to make them for you!

And that is exactly what Iplaydink has done! Yes, the man we all know plays Dink has whipped up this very impressive looking pack of 10 sword inventory item graphics. It's exactly what you need to get you out of that emoic, suicidal state of yours and back to the level of top-notch D-Modder!

So, there are 10 graphics in this file, and Iplaydink hasn't given us any sort of a strict system to follow as with what icon could go with what sword. So this means you can... Use your imagination! Yes! Any graphics pack that allows even mild customizablity from the D-Modder really deserves extra kudos in my opinion. And I think that the fact that you have free reign of your imagination with these graphics constitutes as having mild customizability, don't you? There is really no limit as to what icon can be what (well, very little limit), and that is something I love about this pack.

Anyway, I'll describe the swords for you (Going left to right then down):
Sword 1) Looks a bit like the light sword, the only difference being that the handle is recoloured. Done rather nicely, though.
Sword 2) Sword 2 looks a bit like a rapier. I really like this one. It's dark, and looks like it could strike swiftly, and quickly.
Sword 3) Not sure what this one is. Just a very fancy sword. Different texture on the blade than to normal Dink swords, it's a bit more grey-ish rather than blue-ish, and it has upturned, pointy spoke thingys off the handles (please excuse me for not knowing what they're called).
Sword 4) This one is a piece of art. It's all dark red, giving it a sense of danger, and power, and the handle is modified to make it look as if it had wings. Really, you need to take a look at this one. I think, perhaps, one thing about it, though, is that the handle should be a different colour to the blade. It looks a bit generic, despite the intricacy of it, though this is just my opinion.
Sword 5) Sword 5 looks like Dink Smallwood's sword crossed with Qui-Gon Jinn's lightsaber. Therefore I love it. It has a green glow, and it's got sharp bits protruding off the blade, like the original claw sword, but in different posititions.
Sword 6) Sword 6 is average, just a very mildly recoloured version of an original Dink blade. At least, that's all it looks like to me.
Sword 7) Question time! Is Dink going to be a ninja for your D-Mod? If so, use this! I love this one. As you could have guessed, it looks a bit like some sort of a ninja sword. Very nicely done. I love it!
Sword 8) Sword 8 is great. (Hey, I'm a poet, and I didn't even know it!) It looks a bit like a sword you would have seen in the days of old, back in the days of Kings and Queens, chainmail armour, and guillotines. Very nicely done, loving the long, slim handlebar things.
Sword 9) It's time for ultimate destruction!! Yeah BABY!! Are you making some sort of an elemental weapon of destrucion, enchanted with the magical powers of fire? Then this is the sword for you! It looks dangerous as hell (whether or not that has anything to do with the fire, I'm not sure), and I'd love to see it in a D-Mod.
Sword 10) The final sword in the pack, this one has a very intricately designed handle, and I like it. It sort of protrudes up around the sword, and then sharply points away.

That's enough babbling from me for now.
In conclusion, I thorougly recommend you download this pack, even if you have no real need for it. Just taking a look at the artwork will impress you. It impressed me! But, I guess that's not so hard to do... But Iplaydink has done a wonderful job, and I give him praise!

9.2 points out of 10