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DinkC Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++

Syntax colouring for DinkC in Notepad++.

Also includes Auto-Completion and Calltips (AKA Intellisense).

(NOTE: A dark theme version is available here).
Released:March 30th, 2012
File Size:8.52 KB
Release Notes:Added code folding.
February 10th, 2018
Score : 9.8 exceptional
It takes a small amount to work to set up, but when you do, it really is the best way to write your DinkC files. It colors your syntax for most things, shows you how your bracketing connects, gives you code folding for brackets, and best of all, has a DinkC function autocomplete, which can even show you what kind of value each argument needs. It doesn't quite replace the help file (which you'll need to make a shortcut for, because you won't have one in this editor), but it's still super helpful. I've tried CEdit and DinkC Editor but neither one works as well for me as Notepad++ with this Add-on. I recommend any Dmodder that writes a lot of scripts to at least give this a try. You can always switch back if you like your previous method better.

I will note that while it still works with the newest version of Notepad++ as of February 2018, When the readme says to go under "View", what you are looking for is actually under "Language" now. Everything else is set up the same as the readme says, however.
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