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I'm the new guy who comes out of nowhere and tries to do somewhat big things. Well, actually, I'm not so new to Dink. I've even looked at the Dink Network a lot in the past years. But I was always a lurker! But any Starcraft player knows not to underestimate them...

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2013-09-01 17:50:25
I'm one of those people who never really loved SOB and Pilgrim's Quest as much as other people. They feel stretched out, confusing, and boring and I got lost constantly without the help of a guide. With the help of the guide, well it just went back to being boring. I'm not trying to diminish the hard work that was put in those DMods, as that is undeniable and the graphics are honestly very nice too. But hard work and pretty sprites doesn't mean it's the best DMOD ever made...

I think I tried to play CC2 once but something kept me from finishing it, I can't remember what...I'll have to try it again.

Ah I just realized, I haven't reviewed SOB, I was thinking about it at one time but I guess I didn't so people wouldn't get angry at me, hehehe. Oh, and I stopped playing close to the end so I guess I should finish it before trying to review it...

To be honest, the DMOD I have played that I would rate the highest right now would probably be Initiation, simply because it gripped my interest and didn't let go, and despite what some people say, I found it quite enjoyable to explore and many secrets to find.

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Dink Hotel (The)D-Mod, RompN/AApril 2nd, 2019
Dink Script Improvement PackD-Mod, Development, Miscellaneous, Add-OnExceptional 9.0February 25th, 2013
Dink Exploding Missiles SuperfixDevelopment, MiscellaneousN/AJanuary 12th, 2013

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