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Scriptus Generica

December 31st, 2005
Score : 9.1 exceptional
This is a very good collection of scripts that are quite useful for new dmod developers like myself and even to experienced dmod authors.

The npc and sign scripts are ok, while the pillbug and shop sripts are quite good.

Shop Scripts: 9.7 - All three shop scripts are way better than the ones that come with the main game or any source set I've looked at.

Pillbug scripts: 9.2 - Quite good pillbug scripts. I plan on using them in my dmods.

NPC and Sign Scripts: 8.5 - Helpful but not on par with the shop scripts.

Comments: 9.0 - Very good, helpful and easy to understand.

Effort: 9.2 - It does a good job of what the author set out to achieve.

Script Cleaniness: 9.0 - The scripts were not messy and confusing.

Overall: 9.1 - It is very good.