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Scriptus Generica

A small file containing 7 generic scripts. Probably only of use to those who are just getting to grips with DinkC, but maybe still worth a look if you have been scripting for a while.
Released:December 31st, 2005
File Size:8.00 KB
Release Notes:2
August 20th, 2005
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male Australia
This is a colletion of 4 scripts plus some notes to help a relatively new dmod author get underway.

Scripts included are:
generic object (such as a 'sign' etc)
generic NPC (for character)
generic Shop (script attached to storekeeper sprite)
generic Shop2 (script attached to bench sprite for storekeeper)

Overall: fairly good use of comments in each script to help the new author to understand some things.

There are a few things I thought could've been commented a bit more, or with more detail - such as the Shop2 script and how it refers to the storekeeper sprite. Sabre uses a method which is different from the one I learnt/borrowed/copied from the original game - the one I'm more familiar with creates the actually storekeeper sprite. Finding the sp(XX) may be a bit of a puzzle for the beginning DMOD author.

Also Shop2 came with a .txt extension and not a .c extension - minor thing.

NPC script and Shop scripts used the Paul Pliska trick of storing a value in the editor_seq() property of the sprite. Although Sabre sets this up in the talk procedure... I usually do it in the main procedure, so that the variable this value is assigned to (&greet in the scripts) can be accessed via other procedures such as hit or push... this lends to more interactive game play with the NPCs.

(NB only the standard procedures can access local variables - hope this is fixed in Game Engine/DinkC ver 1.08)

The NPC script also doesn't include any lines for making the NPC move which I feel should be there.

A generice enemy script should have been included.

Total Score 7 out of 10.