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A set of scripts for edible food, hearts and potions. Some are vary from the scripts in the main game by only a little, others vary a bit more, while some are all new scripts. There is also a new green potion graphics (for life potions). There are three versions of each (with a total of thirty scripts). A test dmod that shows the scripts in action (note: it has no plot).
Released:December 21st, 2005
File Size:72.00 KB
Release Notes:1.5
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August 11th, 2005
Score : 7.5 good
i think this pack is pretty good!

\\Good stuff

It has many scripts that any lazy author
( like me! ) can use, it's good with many other types of food, like
"fruit and vedgetables" , i've never tried them out, maybe i'll use them in my next D-mod!

\\Bad stuff

Draconic dink said that there would be weapon scripts too, (if you read this, Draconic dink, and you wont remember, just think of what you said when i offered my spear graphic...) as it only has barrels, (and hearts, on the ground, details, details...)it's not as good as it could be...


The new green potion is good, maybe someone can use it for a posioned potion, or something else, but maybe it's to dark on the edges and too bright in the middle, but overall it's good.

Well, overall a good pack!
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