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Green, Yellow, Orange Potion Bonuses

Green, Yellow and Orange Potion Bonuses (left: land versions, right: water versions)
These are the bmps of the green, yellow and orange potion bottles from PQ - both land and water versions. The .ini lines are included.
Released:September 21st, 2005
File Size:91.04 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
December 4th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Very good pack. I quite like it. As usual SimonK has released a good graphics pack. I used the green potion graphics for my Treasury file and I'm trying to find a way to work the orange and yellow ones into the next version of Treasury.

Good: Very good looking and quite useful graphics that could be useful in many a dmod. It's good that ini lines are supplied for the graphics, as this makes including them into a dmod quite easy (though I changed the sprite number for Treasury).

Bad: None really. Not that I can think of even.