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About me.. I spend all to much time working on my DMOD triology The Green Voice in my Head.

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2003-10-05 13:05:45
Peasant Male Sweden
When I tested the game, I always pressed SPACE when taking the tournament info paper. Doing that, the four sentences Dink and SBV says will be said faster and the game will not be frozen - so when looking at the tournament info paper, press space for every sentence dink and SBV says (which will make them go away faster) and there will be no problem.

I will fix this to next version, but you can fix it yourself to if you want, and you don't have to download any patch, it's not complicated. Do like this:

You have open the "story" folder inside the "TGVimH1.1" folder. Find the file "sicu2.d"

Replace those four lines:

say_stop("`3 Oh dear, oh dear...", &current_sprite);
say_stop("`3 It can't, It can't be true *sob*", &current_sprite);


say_stop_npc("`3 Oh dear, oh dear...", &current_sprite);
say_stop_npc("`3 It can't, It can't be true *sob*", &current_sprite);

and everything will be just fine. The whining port guard script, disturbs the paper script, when not using the say_stop_npc.

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