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October 31st, 2003
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Male Sweden
When adding new sprites to a DMOD or changing the hardbox of old ones in the dinkedit program, set_sprite_info commands are added in the ini-file. Unfortunately you will easily exceed the total number of extra set_sprite_info lines that you can add to your ini file. This utility
search through the ini file and removes superfluous set_sprite_info commands, and thus gives you room for more useful set_sprite_info commands.

When/Why should I use this program:
When you use dinkedit, changes a hardbox, exit dinkedit, starts dinkedit again and take a look at the sprite you changed. If the hardbox haven't changed, then you have run out of set_sprite_info lines and should use this program.

First, when I tried to use this utility, it didn't worked
(complained about out of memory or something like that). I thought I hadn't instal it correctly and tested to clean some others DMOD's ini files, but it worked on those!
Then I opened my ini-file, looked at the bottom of the file. dinkedit adds
set_sprite_info here and uses a black, filled square as separator between those commands (works lika a normal return-character, I guess).
I removed all those squares and edited the ini file in such a way that all
set_sprite_info stod alone on one row each just as the other original ones
from the skeleton-b file (for the original sprites).
Then I run INIclean again and it worked.

A nice utility, since you don't want to do this removeing of superfluous
ini-commands yourself. I just can't understand why this isn't done by
dinkedit, in the first place, when adding new ini-commands.