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An Introduction to DMOD Making

This is a tutorial created to get a complete newbie with no previous programming experience up and running at creating DMODs.

*Best Non D-Mod file of Q1 and Q2 2009*

*Best Non D-Mod file of 2009*
Released:December 8th, 2009
File Size:901.40 KB
Release Notes:v1.01 fixes a few mistakes from v1.00.

v1.02 features a table of contents with internal links and fixes a couple of mistakes and typos.

v1.03 fixes a very unfortunate mistake in the chapter about intros as well as adding an extra paragraph about texts. It also fixes a couple of typos.

v1.04 replaces “glyphed quotation marks” with "typewriter quotes", this way scripts can be copied into .c files directly.
April 7th, 2009
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant They/Them Australia
This guide explains in detail how to use WinDinkEdit, write scripts, edit sprite properties in the editor and in scripts, create sprites, create cutscenes, and many other tasks the aspiring Dmod maker would like to know about. The next time some 11 year old comes onto the forums asking someone to make a Dmod for them, they can be directed to this file, and it will most likely make 'em shut up.

It does not cover topics such as item making, and some skills such as music/sound, and adding of graphics are largely ignored except in the FAQ, which I personally believe should have its own section.

Of course, lots of these tasks have been covered in other files (Rudiments of Scripting etc.), and these are made reference to throughout, and links are provided incase the reader wants to have a greater understanding of such a topic. After listing the useful table of text colours however, it then says that the user can make their own colours, but gives no explanation as to how.

Some Pros:
-It has screenshots,
-Nice bookmarks list to jump to sections,
-Links on the internets to helpful files,
-In depth explanations for several topics (basewalk, depth que etc)

Some Cons:
-No instructions on how to make your own weapons/items/magic
-"Aesthetically" is spelled wrong on page 9
-No internal links to pages and sections (non-clickable TOC)

Overall, an excellent introduction to the various aspects of making DMODs that new people will find very useful, but at the end, they may be wanting to know more, in which case dinkc.chm/dinkcref.hlp will come in handy.
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