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2016-09-05 05:08:31
Peasant Australia steam 
It doesn't have any good games either, however.

yeoldetoast has released 3 files

Dink Hotel (The)D-Mod, RompN/AApril 2nd, 2019
Corporate ManagerialismD-ModFair 5.2May 31st, 2010
Percentage Based PotionsDevelopment, DemoN/AFebruary 21st, 2010

yeoldetoast has written 23 reviews

A missed opportunity WinDinkedit Plus 2FeaturedFair 6.7March 14th, 2019
A nice addition to the original game that tries to be different but does it poorly Mystery IslandFeaturedFair 6.7January 7th, 2017
I haven't read the book but... Woods (The)NormalFair 6.9January 29th, 2015
Contains errors and inconsistencies that make things difficult The Ultimate Dink File Format FAQFeaturedFair 5.5August 8th, 2014
Frustrating and unrewarding, though not without merit Honor Quest (The)FeaturedGood 7.0November 18th, 2013
Absolutely horrible and very outdated D-Mod Check ListFeaturedHorrible 1.0November 16th, 2013
Possibly the finest game of our generation Happy Sunshine LandFeaturedExceptional 9.5March 3rd, 2013
A cute little "monster" Avoca (New Monster!)FeaturedExceptional 9.3September 5th, 2011
Look good, but they're stolen. King and CompanyNormalFair 6.7December 3rd, 2010
An original and fun little game. ChasinNormalGood 7.5December 3rd, 2010
Very nice fan art Dink Wallpaper 3FeaturedExceptional 9.0September 23rd, 2010
The trees are okay IPD Pack 1FeaturedFair 6.5September 23rd, 2010
This is a poor first attempt. Old Hero New ThiefFeaturedHorrible 2.0May 28th, 2010
A short story with an interesting control scheme. Day of the CarcassFeaturedExceptional 9.1May 28th, 2010
A short demo with nothing notable Dink's Quest in the IcelandsFeaturedTolerable 3.0May 28th, 2010
Fixing bugs? Useful features? Yeah right... WinDinkEdit PlusFeaturedFair 6.5May 12th, 2010
FallDink moar like FailDink! FallDinkFeaturedFair 6.5March 13th, 2010
Not that great. Really. Dink Smallwood CD AudioFeaturedFair 6.5February 13th, 2010
Not fit for my desktop Spiffy Dink DesktopNormalHorrible 0.5November 28th, 2009
A Very Nice and useful little pack Chickens!NormalExceptional 9.1September 9th, 2009
I've seen things suck before, but this was the suckiest load of suck that ever sucked. Duck ApprovedNormalHorrible 1.5June 28th, 2009
Not approved by Dink Dink ApprovedFeaturedTolerable 4.0May 26th, 2009
A very good guide for new people. An Introduction to DMOD MakingFeaturedGood 8.9April 7th, 2009