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Woods (The)

From the COTPATD project.
Short Romp loosely based on the French play 'Le Roi en Jaune".

Very much an experimental work in the horror genre.
Released:October 9th, 2014
File Size:16.52 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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January 29th, 2015
Score : 6.9 fair
Peasant Australia steam 
This mod is actually supposed to be an adaptation of the book "The King in Yellow" by American author Robert W. Chambers but as I haven't read it I won't be able to judge the adaptation process into a Dmod so I will merely review the game itself.

The author claims that this is supposed to be a spooky mod, and the first evidence of this is on the main title screen which copies the style of original Dink, except that there are certain tricks performed such as blanking out the engine version and changing the entries in the saved game list to spooky things.

Starting the game takes you to what appears to be original Dink which initially made me think that I had installed it improperly until I exited the house and the screen flashed all dark and spooky. The village is transformed with strange and disturbing things such as a self-opening door on Ethel's house (which is empty) and Mr. SmileStein refusing to say anything. Eventually your only option is to talk to the well and go down into it as this is where the main part of the game lies.

Unfortunately from here on, things are more annoying than spooky. This section of the game utilises the old "endless screen" effect that has become incredibly popular more recently for some reason. If you select the wrong path you'll be dumped back to the title screen and have to do everything again until you get it right, after which the game will quit instead. If you restart you'll see that the "start game" button has disappeared and your only option will be to continue.

Once you're back down the well you simply go left at the sign and follow the trail to a spooky guy. After going up the spooky path you see some yellow dude flying at you after which the game will again quit. Attempting to play it after this won't work as the screen will just turn yellow and close. I personally find this incredibly silly as it means you can't replay it to find more stuff. The only time I have ever found such a feature to be relevant was in a little Flash game called "One Chance" which forces the player to make decisions and think about the consequences of them.

The most irritating thing of all was the huge file size of the download which is larger than many gigantic 700-screen mods. I was interested in finding out why it was so large and it turns out there are several massive uncompressed wav files in there. Out of interest I converted them to Ogg Vorbis and recompressed it and the resulting DMOD file came out only a little over 2MB and it still worked fine. In terms of the gameplay to megabyte ratio this is awful and I definitely wouldn't recommend you bothering with it if you've got bad internet as it will take you longer to download than it will to play it through.

Otherwise, I think this is an interesting and unique tale that needs some refining.