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2007-08-03 06:37:33
Peasant Male United States
Basically I've rigged up good pythagorian's theorm to work in Dink. Enemies and NPC's can then "see" when Dink or others are close. You can't just casually walk up to monsters now, they'll actually target you once your close. Cutscenes/Conversations also feel more realistic, since the player literaly walks into them. The bonca script in the Weather Demonstration uses this, so you can see it in action.

Have an insane number of shooters so far with Dragons, Cast Knights, Goblins, and pirates. Hard as heck to defeat. Think enemy shooters work best for major enemies, it'd get really old having to fight them all the time.

Alright gotta work on the difficulity levels still, I keep getting killed by my own designs. Ice volcanoes and regular enemies combined are harder than I could have imagined.

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