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2007-02-17 00:21:28
Peasant Male United States
Cool, exactly what I originally had in mind. Thanks

"Since you are using magic, I don't know why you would make the enemy target "Dink" if there isn't a second monster. That wouldn't exactly be helpful to the player If you took out that part, the monster would untarget "Dink" (in case the monster had him targeted in the first place) and that would be somewhat helpful. Isn't magic supposed to help the player?"

Hee hee hee
Not necessarily...

That was actually intentional, to force players to fight at least one of the monsters. It's almost rediculously easy to have the monsters fight each other while Dink gets away scott free.

Anyways it only kicks in if the player gets spell happy, and casts it when there's only one monster on the screen.

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