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Dark Dink

Dark Dink in various poses
- dink turns dark; all dink graphics (except the bow graphics and morph graphics) have been modified to make a dark dink
-two death sequences (choose which one you like best and use for death graphics)

*Best download of april 2005*
Released:September 26th, 2005
File Size:593.12 KB
Release Notes:1.02
April 25th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male United States steam 
ok w/e i'll review my own graphics pack,

good for an evil dink or a dark doppleganger. ("evil hero" i was thinking more of a villin)
only thing bad was the lack of bow graphics, crappy magic hit, and the first death sequence(which i should've left out when i released it, but who cares).other then that, the graphics turned out pretty good, ENJOY

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