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Crystal of the Gu

Dodge the bouncing sparkles! From the COTPATD project.
A short romp, using a new brain 2 enemy. Dink has to find the Crystal of the Gu, while travelling through caverns full of bouncing enemies.

No actual fighting, with the main challenge being just to survive.
Released:March 27th, 2007
File Size:675.96 KB
Release Notes:Added in music to correct for developer over err... sight.
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December 29th, 2009
v 1.02
Score : 8.6 good
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Crystal of the Gu by Endy was a great DMOD. It's a shame it was very short though. I would have enjoyed it to be longer.


there really doesn't seem to be a story. You just rush to the end of the caves without getting killed by the stars.



No new graphics, but the ones provided by Dink Smallwood were fantastically used. The dark depth of the cave really makes the stars pop. The map design was great and overall had no hardness errors.



Cool music, but it doesn't seem to fit.



Not much to say about the gameplay. All you do is race to the end of the cave without dying. There are some power-ups to collect like hearts and herb boots. The replay value is very high. I played this at least three times one after another. It never gets old.


Overall this is a great race-to-the-finish style game.