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Quest for the Gems

From the COTPATD project.
Dink has to save the world from a wizard who has the nasty habit of stealing gems.
Released:May 3rd, 2005
File Size:412.52 KB
Release Notes:1.1
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May 5th, 2005
Score : 8.3 good
While I don't like this dmod, it displays exceptional technique, perhaps on par with the best of 'em.

Style: 8
The decoration is simply wonderful, and there are some interactive objects. On the other hand, the dialogue, though brief, is quite boring: this game features almost no humor.

Gameplay: 9
The hardest aspect of this game to evaluate. While there are some very neat, well scripted little tasks that need to be performed, they don't require much brain power. The fighting is also way too easy.

Story: 8
Bad, but I've learned that putting together a good plot is more difficult than expected.

Anyways, some evil wizard is stealing gems to resurrect... a spinning fire thingy. I liked the cutscenes.

Overall: 8.3
I think this is a good dmod to look at for aspiring authors... there are a few of these long, well-made, but rather uninspired dmods; this is the best. (Legend of the Duck comes to mind as similar)

Its flaw, in case I've been unclear, is that it's boring and easy.
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