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DFArc 3

DFArc is a front-end: it makes it easy to start the game with different options, launch the editor, manage D-Mods, etc.

DFArc 3 is a new, cross-platform version.
It also adds a few new features:
- resizeable windows
- remove savegames and backup files from creating a D-Mod
- translated in multiple languages (Finnish, French, German, Italian, Macedonian and Polish)
- supports system-wide and per-user D-Mods installation (for when you're not administrator)
- and more! (see NEWS)

Make sure you have these DLLs installed (extract them in the Dink directory along with DFArc):
Released:November 14th, 2010
File Size:1.02 MB
Release Notes:- Search for dink* executables case-INsensitively (e.g. "Dink.exe" works, not only "dink.exe")

- New Dutch and updated Polish translations

- No .dll files (autonomous dfarc.exe)
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