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This is the original Dink game, meant to be distributed as part of FreeDink.

In particular:
- the graphics and story are under the free zlib license
- most of the sounds and music were not owned by RTsoft and are being replaced

This means that the game respects the principles of Free Software and can be safely included in GNU/Linux and *BSD distributions.

Help is needed to create or find more sound replacements, please see

In addition, some improvements were made:
- the game is translated in French and Dutch (more in the way)
- a game freeze was fixed for "darklank dink"

Note: version 20090706 means 2009 (year) 07 (july) 06 (6th)
Released:April 1st, 2017
File Size:30.96 MB
Release Notes:It's been a while since I sync'd FreeDink-data here
Not an April fool, but I'm still happy to have make the release this day

* v1.08.20170401

** New sound replacements
New sel1.wav (Bark K.) and stairs.wav (Bas Wijnen)

** New Swedish translation (thanks Josef Andersson)

** Updated Catalan translation (thanks └ngel Mompˇ Llovet)

** Updated Spanish translation (thanks Benno Schulenberg)

* v1.08.20140901

** New sound replacements
New open.wav (thanks Iwan Gabovitch)
New lovin.ogg by gachopin (thanks Digvijay for pointing the CC BY version)

** Catalan translation (thanks └ngel Mompˇ Llovet)

** Hungarian translation (thanks ┌r Balßzs)

** Add 2 translatable strings and their translations
(conversation with Libby in Story/S1-H3-L.c)

* v1.08.20121209

** New sound replacements
New bhit.wav, grunt1.wav, grunt2.wav, punch.wav, swing.wav; improved sword2.wav (thanks Petteri Tolonen)

** Esperanto translation (thanks Felipe Castro)

** Finnish translation (thanks Petteri Tolonen)

** Partial Croatian translation (thanks Tomislav Krznar)

** Improved Danish translation (thanks Joe Hansen)
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