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Build your own King Daniel using various colored capes (with/without hood), boots, crowns, pants, and faces.

V1.02 changes

More colors;
Divided into subcategories: (buttons, crown jewels, hair,...);
Added two cool pirate hats.
Released:September 5th, 2006
File Size:358.88 KB
Release Notes:1.02
June 20th, 2006
Score : 7.5 good
This is the first reveiw that I have done, but I feel its my time to contribute with all the browsing of the site I have done in the last couple of years, So I finally signed up and now I will give my deconstructive critsism on everything thats worth the time, so here goes...
Dressup Dan in my opinion is too simple, is everyone "including myself" really so lame that we can't come up with something this simple on our own, well I guess so. So, to rabidwolf9 I give you props for not being as lame as the rest of us, this is all and all a really good idea and may just show itself to be very useful. But, I really think you could of made it a bit better. For example... why not save us the time of coming up with new ideas by maybe putting different hats, different hair and other stupid things that everyone else is too lame to think up for them selves.
Thanks for the graphics and something to spend my time playing with when I get stuck on my dmod. It really is a good idea.
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