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New Dev File: Bow Plus

Rabidwolf9 has emerged out of the shadows, bringing with him a nifty development file: Bow Plus.

Do you despise the workings of the original bow?
Do you find it annoying and a suffering of the soul to use?

This file improves that and gives you a running choice on how to use your bow.

Want to spam arrows? You can do that.
Want to use it like the regular old bow? Sure, it does that too.
Or time the shot to release on the correct frame when the spark is visible and do a powerful shot that pierces through enemies!

Although the changes made to the bow functionality are subtle, it already feels a lot more use-able in a Dmod, and the timing requirement for the power shot adds an actual degree of "skill" to the bow. Instead of it being random, you get rewarded for timing it correctly.

Comes with a small play-able Dmod to showcase it. Go check it out!