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Skeleton Gelatin

Optimised Dmod Skeleton.

This is an optimised barebones skeleton, ready to make a Dmod with.

As of upload date, this is the most bug-free and optimised skeleton available.

Dink.ini has been cleaned up removing 130+ useless set_sprite_info lines (duplicates and other ones that are just terrible and shouldn't be there). And some stuff fixed.

A brand new hard.dat re-write by me, which lets Dink walk against things without encroaching into them too much. Lots of spare blank hard tiles available for custom hard tile use by Dmod Authors.

Useless variables removed, and a bugfix in start-2.c that usually would go un-noticed unless your spawning a load game detection script in main.c

More info in the dmod.diz. Read that after install.

Provided in zip format
Released:September 14th, 2023
File Size:171.41 KB
Release Notes:- Beach hardtile fix applied
October 28th, 2023
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Romania
C# nerd 
I'm not a DMOD maker myself, but from what I've seen this seems to be THE skeleton to use if starting out with making a new DMOD in the year 202X!
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