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Dink Smallwood Retopologized 3d Model

This is a cleaned up/retopologized/optimized rigged and unrigged version of Dink Smallwood by TealDink

The package contains the unrigged and rigged retopologized Dink Smallwood character in the following file formats:

3DS Max 2023 (.max)
Autodesk (.fbx)
Original texture .TIF files by Justin Martin and RtSoft

What this package does NOT contain:
The original Dink Smallwood model in any form,
Any lit scenes, or animations.

This is simply a T-Pose of Dink Smallwood.

I do not claim to own any of these assets, I am simply cleaning them up for the ease of use of other Dink Smallwood modders.

I have zero plans to sell these. If anyone is attempting to sell these,
that is not affiliated with me and I do not support or condone them.

Dink Smallwood is owned by RtSoft and Seth Robinson.
The original assets and textures are owned by Seth Robinson, Justin Martin, and RtSoft.

Have fun.
Released:August 29th, 2022
File Size:2.78 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.