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Push and Pull

Main menu featuring art by the super cool and sexy Bluedy Turn that frown upside-down... or not. Dink creates a barricade and stacks his resources safely in a corner.
Push and Pull is a rebuild of the push system, so Dink can push things smoothly, and move with the objects, like in other games.

Might sound simple, but when you start to discover the bugs of trying to rebuild a hard coded game mechanic with DinkC, boy is it frustrating!

2 Months of 1 hour+ work a day of trial and error, and complete restarts when one method wouldn't work, and over 1000 lines of DinkC later, and here we have it!

Special Thanks to Bluedy for creating the map and title screen to show my dev file off, and for testing as well. He sped the development up of this file.

Enjoy, and please report bugs if/when you find them.

NOTE: This is a Development D-Mod, and it may not have a quest to complete or a story to experience.
Released:August 2nd, 2019
File Size:841.91 KB
Release Notes:Please delete any older versions of Push and Pull before installing the updated version.

Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the system.
- Complete rewrite of how the system works.
- New Sticky Push System implemented, and activated by default
- Optional old system can be re-activated in "settings" menu in "Escape" menu
- In game Tutorial added.
- Tutorial Videos added and linked in "readme readme readme.txt"
- Fixed crashes when releasing an object
- Fixed Dink occasionally getting stuck in objects.
- Fixed Dink's idle messing up.
- Fixed random editor sprite vanishing from the screen
- Updated dmod.diz file to reflect the major updates and deleted incompatibility note that no longer applies

Youtube tutorial playlist also linked below:
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