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The year is 20XX. The one they call Tal has updated his Dink Network profile, which serves as a catalyst for all sorts of pizza delivery orders.

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2006-05-07 09:14:13
Noble Male United States xbox steam
Super Sexy Tal Pal 
As of two months ago I own a DS. I do not currently own a PSP nor do I have a strong desire to purchase one, though I'm certain I will eventually have one.

The PSP impresses with its flashy graphics and variety of features, but for me it mostly comes down to good games. And the DS has those in droves, whereas the PSP has very few titles worth owning (going by general consensus, mind you). I have about 12 DS games at the moment, but I've only committed time to Metroid Prime Pinball, Super Mario 64 DS, and Mario Kart DS. They're all quite good, and MKDS is highly, highly addictive.

I was never really able to "get into" handhelds very much before. The Game Boy I never owned until I was handed one for free two or three years ago, the Game Boy Color I played here and there, the Game Boy Advance I devoted a good chunk of time to every once in a while... but the DS, wow. I have played it a lot. I would recommend that anyone with about $180 to spare for a DS ($129.99), a game ($34.99, often less), and the sinister taxes that come with purchasing such things run out ASAP and get one. Yummy. But wait until June 11 (America, June 1 Aussies.. wtf?), when the spiffy DS Lite comes out. Slimmer, better battery, better lighting.

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