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April 9th, 2005
Score : 0.1 horrible
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Quite frankly, this D-Mod is a travesty (a strangely amusing one considering the horrible status it has received in the annals of Dink history, but a travesty nonetheless). Upon loading it, you are greeted by an entirely white title screen, only supplying you with Start, Continue, and Quit buttons. The Continue button doesn't even serve any purpose, as there is no saving/loading to be done in this D-Mod whatsoever. You could also argue that the Start button doesn't do anything important either, as upon clicking it, you are treated to Dink greeting you, telling you his full name, being called to dinner (by what appears to be himself, no less), and telling you that you've finished the D-Mod. But wait.. I finished it? I accomplished something? I was never able to interact with it in the first place, unless you consider clicking the Start button and then the Quit button afterward!

You could say that this D-Mod has no merit whatsoever, what with its length possibly being even shorter than the time it takes to read this review, but I think it does adequately demonstrate that just as the most epic and fulfilling masterpieces of D-Mods will be remembered for a long while, so will the most disappointing, dreadful, and pointless. Call it cheap fame.

Oh, and "Adolph" wasn't even spelled correctly in the dmod.diz file. Brilliant.