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New Dev File: Skeleton Gelatin

What's this?

That's right, I've slipped into the back alleyways of the DN and broke the age old rule of of serving you some GELATIN, so you can have a strong SKELETON.

It's good for your bones.

It's good for your fresh dmods.

It's highly optimised.

It's the most bug-free barebones skeleton available with:
- Fully optimised dink.ini, re-structured, commented, and 130+ set_sprite_info lines removed (duplicates and other terrible ones that shouldn't be there)
- Robj's custom hard.dat re-write, allowing Dink to walk against things without encroaching into them too much. No where to slip through hardness, and all inner and outer islands & match-able beach tile combinations match with hardness too!

Read the dmod.diz upon install for even more info.

*Runs away into the forest, slipping away from the Goodheart guards*