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Updated Dev File: WinDinkEdit Plus 2 Drone Edition v2.5.8.0

Drone1400 has released another update for Windinkedit Plus 2 Drone Edition, with some very useful features including:

- 'Focus Mode', which shows only the current screen and all of it's sprites, even if they are out of bounds.

- Cycle to next/previous sprite while in focus mode, using F3 & Shift+F3.

- Added 'Sprite Report' in the tools menu, which generates a report containing information about out of bounds sprites and invalid seq/frame definitions.

- A bug fixed with MultiSprite mode which could previously lead to unwanted selections being performed.

Go check it out, these certainly are interesting features. Want to see how many sprites you accidentally teleported out of bounds because you changed the Y coordinate instead of depth que and wondered why your sprite vanished? .. Now you can.