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As Good As Eternity

Massive amounts of gore and ducks
Tyrsis says, "The boy Dink lives with his step-mother. His mother is dead, his father has gone to fight an unknown enemy. This is not the beginning of the story.
So, don't kill the pianist, he's trying his best..."

*Best download of january 2002*
Released:September 15th, 2003
File Size:4.72 MB
Release Notes:Final+ (Rev 8)
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August 16th, 2003
Final+ (Rev 8)
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
This is the first review I've ever written, but not the first D-Mod I've ever played. (Played 7 or so before this one, I'll get around to reviewing those later)

This so far took the shortest D-Mod timewise for me to complete, (but considering I've only played Epics, it's not saying much). Of course I didn't unlock all the features, I never did figure out how to get past those talking trees or find my way into that mine. (I used ultimate cheat when I got tired of looking, but eventually I'll replay and try to find everything legit).

Ok, here we go...

Sound: This was only the 3'rd D-Mod I was able to play with sound, but it by far had the best sounds. It's been a long time since I've played the original game, so I don't exactly remember all of the music, but what I heard in AGAE was completely new, I especially liked the X-File theme on the hidden island, very well placed

Score: 9.9

Graphics: Some of the best new graphics I've ever seen, especially the final weapons, (the axe and the sword), not to mention the rainbow spell, one of the best looking spells I've used, (Even if it is just a different colour hellfire), and the final boss. The people in front of the comps looked a little weird, but I'm assuming that was done on purpose

Score: 9.8

Map: The map is by far the best looking I've seen. Although it does get a little cluttered at some times, and often trees are blocking out the ground, so you kind of have to blindly walk around. Sometimes I came across some minor errors in the map where you would see a line or such, but no big deal. Just one suggestion: Don't make so many burnable trees! I must have spent 3 hours going through the game burning trees trying to find out secrets and such! One more thing: It took me a good hour or two to figure out how to cross the river to get to the Temple of Light...I was just about to use a cheat to cross the water and try and find the entrance from the other side...but then I finally stumbled through those very closely placed trees and made it to the other side.

Score: 9.7

Playability: Pretty good, although I did get stuck a lot in mountains, on cliffs, in trees, in the water, etc. I also found one cockroach (those blue bug things), that I couldn't was walking over the screen...just as normal...but it wouldn't take damage nor deal damage to me, so I thought best to leave it alone Other than getting stuck and having to warp out (yes I'm a cheater I warp out of hardness errors), the playability was fine.

Score: 9.7

Overall Score: 9.8

Keep up the good work =)
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