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New Dev File: Dink Smallwood Original 3ds Max Models

One year ago today, our world changed.

Seth, in an act of benevolence, released the original Dink Smallwood 3ds Max Models. Since then, we've been living in the golden age of Smallwoods, with an outstanding line-up of D-Mods released in such quick succession: Necromancer, Bill & Kill 4: The Glorious Resurrection, Bloop the Fish 3: Never Stop Blooping, Cloud Castle 3: Grasshopper, and Crosslink (Final).


Okay, yes, (almost) none of that is true. The original 3d models were in fact released, but they haven't really revitalized the community. yeoldetoast printed out a physical copy of the church, Skurn made the slayer walk like a person and... that might be about it.

But, drone1400 noticed that the 3d models weren't very easy to find, so now they're listed in the official files page. Thanks drone!