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Updated D-Mod: Periculo Island v1_2.00b2

Hello friend, would you stay a while and listen?

Our dear pal SlipDink is still here, with news and other good tidings. He has updated his seventh D-Mod, Periculo Island, to the version v1_2.00b2!

SlipDink says: "This new version represents several months of work. Thanks to the beta test team, this dmod should now be compatible with all know versions of the Dink engine. It also adds a few playability improvements, some new features and aspects of the game, some new sub-quests and the like, plus a few new graphical changes. And I also added a few more ways for Dink to die before completing his quest. "

Do note that Periculo Island does weight in at a whopping 108.3 MB - that'd take over 8 hours to download on a 28.8 kbps modem! This reminds me of a very old memory - the original Diablo demo came out when I was 12 or 13 years old, in middle school. For some sort of writing class (English?), we had to write a letter to a company, and I chose to write a letter to Blizzard to complain that it was impossible for "anyone" to download the Diablo demo. I just checked - it was just a scant 55.9 MB! Oh, how technology has changed so, so much.