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New Files: Evolving Magic, Dink Blender Template, Dink Smallwood Chinese Edition

Three new files have been released. Evolving Magic is Pupperoni's very first file, including the Evolving Fireball spell, which gets stronger as your magic stat increases, an acid rain spell that also seems to get stronger, and a Close Wounds spell. Oh, and a test dmod featuring giant ducks and easter eggs! Definitely worth a gander if you're looking to spruce up the magic in your dmod, or just for fun for the amusing demo.

The second file is the Dink Blender Template by drone1400, which generates Dink sprites with directions and checker grid shadows from a blender model. It all sounded like magic to me, so I just downloaded the file on a USB stick, inserted it into my blender, and at first I thought it didn't work... however, as the sun came up, my blender DID cast a shadow! Alternatively, full instructions are included.

The third file is Dink Smallwood Chinese Edition by xjnzhidao0, which seems to have been originally posted in 2018 on a Chinese forum. Thanks EMP for submitting this. The file was lying around for a while because we weren't sure what to do with it, but I reckon such a high quality file deserves to be on the Dink Network. It's not just a simple translation patch, it's the full suite. Included are Chinese translations of Original Dink and Mystery Island, with even the title screen buttons translated, the full CD version of the game, as well as a DOSbox emulation of Windows 95. For that authentic retro experience of playing Dink Smallwood on Windows 95, because Dink has been retro for a while now, and we're really all incredibly old.