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World of DinkC

A scripting error distorts the world, leaving many people behind in chaos and disarray...
Dink finds himself in a dying world and without exactly knowing what's going on, he travels in a search for answers..

*Best D-Mod of 2003*
Released:May 11th, 2003
File Size:2.08 MB
Release Notes:v1.1
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November 12th, 2003
Score : 9.2 exceptional
This excellent dmod is based on one of the most original concepts I've seen so far: an error in the DinkC engine messing up the world.

At the very start you see the engine running into the error and then you find the world not functioning quite as it should....

The story is linear and very clear: this is one of the rare dmods which you will not need to find a walkthrough for to finish it in its entirely.
You just can't enter the next area until you've finished the quests in the current area. Definitely makes gameplay logical as you won't need to go back and forth between areas because you've forgotten to do something...
Lots of little quests in each area and enough subtile (and not so subtile) hints to push you in the right direction.

All screens have been detailed nicely in line with the general theme.
Graphically I didn't notice anything new really, except for (predictably) the DinkC engine code running graphs.

The music was well suited to the theme and at times really made me smile over the connotations (playing Hotel California in the "resurrection" place must make anyone smile who knows the lyrics to Hotel California).

Gameplay: some of the fighting was pretty hard when other fights you'd just breeze through. Lots of quests and puzzles to solve.
I'd say this is more of a puzzlers dmod than a fighters dmod, which suited me fine.

Overall: excellent ! Keep up the good work and the original thinking.
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