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Peasant He/Him United States
Destroying noobs since 1999. 
2004-09-06 14:39:01
Peasant He/Him United States
Destroying noobs since 1999. 
If you are serious about making d-mod and other dink related stuff, and need some serious quality web space. E-mail me

I am launching this way ahead of schedual due to some popularity and rumors.

The Dink World - Developing a New World of Dink

Ok, so why another dink site?

This site is dedicated to developers of the dink community. These developers get a nice home with a sub domain ( for example). I also supply FTP, e-mail, PHP, .cgi, you name it on the server.

What are the limitations?

Only things related to your project can be hosted. This is not free and it comes out of my pocket, so I make the rules as I please. I also ask that you limit the amount of space you take up on the server. If this takes off, I will increase space and bandwidth limits on the domain, but only if it is utilized properly. No porn, copyrighted, or illegal content may be hosted. Please give copyright stuff credit where due, and if asked, you WILL cease and desist any use of it.

How to I get this?

E-mail me and let me know why you think you should get some space. You need to be serious and I need to know...What projects you are working on...What project you have completed..and what the status of your projects are.

Thats some pretty strict rules..

Yeah well, suck it. It's my server, it costs me money, and it doesn't cost you a dime. Don't like it, please go get your own server.

What if I take a small break from my projects?

This is not standing room only. You need to be activaly working on your projects! If you are taking a break, I need to know for how long.

What if I take too long for you or quit my projects...can I still have the space?

Nope, I will kill your FTP, e-mail and anything on your domain. You need to be serious.

I have some older projects that I have/would like to make a webpage for. I don't plan on making anymore releases on these project or making anymore, can I have some space?

E-mail me the details, and I will hook you up.

Can I have support staff/other developers under me?

Yes, I will supply them with e-mail, and FTP access if you like.

What else are you offering?

Hey, piss off, this is free! No, I am right now working on a forum and news system which the developers will have access too. You will be able to post news on's main page about your projects, or just to your domain. The forum system will give you your own board powered by perl and mysql. You get admin to your board, and your support staff cna have moderating privlages if need be. I also am open to suggestions/bribes, so let me know.

WC has released 8 files

WinDinkedit Source CodeDevelopment, SourceExceptional 9.7May 21st, 2003
WinDinkeditDevelopment, UtilityExceptional 9.2May 21st, 2003
The Ultimate Dink File Format FAQDevelopment, TutorialGood 8.3December 3rd, 2002
WC's Dink Smallwood Map UpdateDevelopment, Add-OnGood 8.1April 29th, 2002
Goblin Trouble 2D-Mod, UnfinishedTolerable 4.4January 29th, 2001
Time: A Tutorial D-ModDevelopmentGood 7.7November 13th, 2000
Good Heart Bad HeartD-Mod, UnfinishedTolerable 3.5March 5th, 2000
Gnug's AttackD-Mod, RompTolerable 3.8December 24th, 1999

WC has written 38 reviews

I Think This Mod Could have Some Potential Search for the Green Mushroom (The)NormalHorrible 2.5June 14th, 2003
I Wasn't Sure if it Was Me Untill I Read the Reviews And Saw No One Else Could Finish This... Revenge of the PigsNormalHorrible 2.0June 14th, 2003
This is a Nice Little Vb Program That Indents Your Dink DinkC Auto-IndenterNormalGood 8.0April 30th, 2003
I Just Saw This has Never Been Reviewed SuperVar SourceNormalGood 7.5February 14th, 2003
Not To Be Rudundant Lyna's StoryFeaturedExceptional 9.5December 6th, 2002
I'm Not Sure How Old Insantile is Bloop the FishNormalHorrible 0.1September 26th, 2002
Honestly Cloud CastleFeaturedGood 8.5September 10th, 2002
This May Not Be the Best D-Mod of All Time Dink Smallwood in the Valley of the Talking TreesFeaturedGood 8.2September 10th, 2002
Finally Counter Strike CTFNormalFair 6.0September 8th, 2002
This is About Search for the Treasure (The)NormalTolerable 3.0September 8th, 2002
This Install Maker is Simular To Those Expensive Install Markers That You Would Buy For Pr... Install MakerNormalFair 6.0September 7th, 2002
While This Tiles Set is a Good Idea Lava TilesNormalFair 6.0August 15th, 2002
2 Words Hard.dat RewriteNormalExceptional 9.0August 10th, 2002
The Plot For This D-Mod has Potential ... His Ancestor 1239NormalFair 5.0July 18th, 2002
This is a Small Intro Released From Jamie's New D-Mod 'beyond the Galaxy' Beyond the Galaxy IntroNormalHorrible 2.0July 11th, 2002
This Was a Verry Good Midi Pack For Being 'custom Made' UltimateMidiCollection - The Second VolumeNormalFair 5.0July 11th, 2002
I'm Going To Do a Quick Review of What I Think of This Since Others Pretty Much Hit Every Point Spare TilesNormalGood 7.0July 11th, 2002
At a Time When People Were Trying To Add Day And Night Features To Their D-Mods Time: A Tutorial D-ModNormalGood 8.0June 22nd, 2002
This D-Mod has it All Prophecy of the AncientsFeaturedExceptional 9.9June 16th, 2002
Dinkers is a Multiplayer* Chess Game For the Dink Engine DinkersFeaturedGood 8.5June 15th, 2002
This D-Mods Story Line is Your Basic Go To Different Lands And Find Crap To Save the World Stone of BalanceNormalExceptional 9.0June 5th, 2002
This is a Dang Original D-Mod Back from the GraveNormalGood 8.4May 19th, 2002
This is the 1 Dink SmallwoodNormalExceptional 9.9May 6th, 2002
Not Only Was This a Good D-Mod FIAT v0.99i SourceNormalExceptional 9.0May 5th, 2002
This is a Different Approach To D-Mods Dink X TriviaNormalGood 7.0May 5th, 2002
The Basis of This Program is To Tint Your Graphics Different Color DImageNormalFair 5.0May 5th, 2002
Thank You Ehasl Legend of Tenjin Map ChangerNormalGood 8.0May 5th, 2002
This is Funny Sound FAQNormalGood 8.0May 5th, 2002
Since No One Else Will Review This File I Will Do it Myself WC's Dink Smallwood Map UpdateNormalGood 7.5May 5th, 2002
Fiat After 2 Long Years of Development Finally Came Out Dinky Dimensions 1: FIATFeaturedExceptional 9.8May 5th, 2002
Ok Legend of TerraEarth (The)FeaturedTolerable 3.0May 5th, 2002
This is Another Faq Written By Good Old' Mike Snyder an Old School Dinker D-Mod Editing FAQNormalExceptional 9.9May 4th, 2002
If You Wana Make Great D-Mods KeycodesNormalExceptional 9.9April 18th, 2002
This is the Mfc-C++-Direct X Source Code For Windinkedit WinDinkedit Source CodeNormalExceptional 9.9April 18th, 2002
This D-Mod is One of a Kind Explorations: redink1's BasementNormalFair 5.0April 17th, 2002
This is the Intro To a D-Mod Between the ShadowsNormalExceptional 9.9April 17th, 2002
This is a Battle D-Mod in Which You Can Play Online with One Other Player And Detroy Monst... Fairy Goodness OnlineNormalGood 8.0April 17th, 2002
This Cheat is the Best Cheat Menu Out For Dink Ultimate CheatNormalExceptional 9.9January 25th, 2002