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Explorations: redink1's Basement

A Myst-type adventure, where you point-and-click around redink1's basement.
Released:January 5th, 2001
File Size:1.54 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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August 18th, 2005
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Explorations: Redink1's Basement

Now this was interesting And with the right programming and an inventory could lead to a dink point and click adventure game. Its Novel idea astounds me I Think it would be cool if every Dmod posting Dinker would make one of these to show of their, Rich Fulfilling Lives...

(I did have 'these to show into their little insignificant lives' But Redink said in the grand scheme of things, everyones life is insingificant then he started to cry.)

Story: None, you are a visitor exploring Redink's Lair With Redinks Narration'.

Gameplay: None really it just shows a new way a Dmod could turn, A very, by the looks of this Dmod, a very stable way to turn since I saw no real errors.

Graphics: Pictures from Redink1's room, a new taskbar, and curser. Thats all this Dmod has in it

Music: None, unless you turn on the speakers however

Final Thoughts: An interesting way a Dmod could turn. Too bad there isnt much to say about this type of Dmod
Good: Good Novel new concept
Bad: No real story, although it was intentional in future Dmods like this it would be fun to see a story of some such